Introducing New Technology Aeration Machine, the only machine that gives you the ability to Aerate anytime, Rain or Shine! No More Messy clean up or shutdown of your field/course from the Traditional Aeration Process! Now you can Aerate MORE , due to no surface disruption, KEEP your soil healthy. Our Soil needs to breathe more than 3 or 4 times a year; We Recommend Aerating Daily for "Mind Boggling" Results !  With Proven Soil Test Results and NFL Sports Fields Compaction Relief Results, You NEED the New Air2G2 Aerification Machine!


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The New Technology of the Air2G2 Machine goes beyond just Aeration and the benefits of agronomy  on Golf and Turf surfaces! The safety concerns for Sports Turf in the area of compaction, shear factors are of great concern on Football, Baseball, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, All School Athletic Fields, Municipal or City complexes and even the Tracks for Horse Racing! All of which relate to compaction or the shear factors as it relates to the Turf Conditions.