GT AirInject Inc. supplies The World With the most Innovative concept on Turf Aerification Machines with the new "Air2G2." We Take Pride in the Quality of our Product and we are confident that this New Aeration Machine Will Revolutionize the Turf Aeration Industry. Through many years of Servicing Turf, we have perfected the process of Aerification, leading to the development of the Air2G2 Aeration Machine. The New Air2G2 Aerification Machine will alleviate the most problematic Turf issue- Soil Compaction. The Air2G2 Aerification Machine drives probes into the ground at a depth up to 12 inches and then injects compressed air through these probes. This causes a fracturing effect of the subsoil as the air works its way back to the surface.To Read More about Air2G2 Aeration Machine Visit Our "About Us" Page.


The Only Aeration Machine that gives you the ability to Aerate anytime, Rain or Shine! With no disruption to the Turfs Surface. No More Messy clean up or shutdown of your field/course from the Traditional Aeration Process! Now you can Aerate MORE rather than a few times a year, Keeping your soil healthy. With Proven Soil Test Results and NFL Sports Fields Compaction Relief Results, You NEED the New Air2G2 Aerification Machine!


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