GT AirInject Inc. supplies the world with the most innovative concept on Turf Aerification Machines with the New "Air2G2."  We take Pride in the Quality of our product and strongly feel that this Aerification Machine will Revolutionize the Turf Care and Maintenance Industry.Through Many Years of Servicing Turf, we have perfected the process of our concept on Aerification, leading to the development of the Air2G2 Machine. At GT AirInject Inc. We are Confident that the Air2G2 Turf Aerification Machine will alleviate the most problematic Turf issue- Soil Compaction. The Air2G2 Aerification Machine drives probes into the ground at a depth up to 12 inches and then injects compressed air through these probes. This causes a fracturing effect of the subsoil as the air works its way back to the surface.The fissures the air create loosens the soil, breaking up the "Black Layer" that is often the culprit in unhealthy Turf. To Read More about Air2G2,click below

The "Air2G2"​TM

21st Century Television Presents The Air2G2 Aerification Machine

with Host Donald Trump Jr!

​Air2G2​TM Aerification Machine

  • Turf Playable Immediately!
  • Mechanical vs Chemical 
  • Green & Environmentally Friendly
  • Operated by the Push of a Button!
  • Now Seeking Qualified Distributors, Click Here to Link  to our "About Us" Page, to learn more about becoming an Air2G2 Distributor!

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Coming Soon to the Air2G2​TM  Aerification Machine...

  • Later in 2014 there will be a lighting package available for the Air2G2 Aerification Machine! This will enable operation of the machine in the dark. 

  • Also later in 2014, the Air2G2 Aerification Machine will have an "air blaster"  A probe that will penetrate the surface up to 24" and deliver a blast of air at 150 PSI. This will help fracture problem areas that hold water or bunkers that are not draining.

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